Saturday, March 29, 2014

18 Easy Kitchen Organizing Tips

  • GadgetsStash plastic bags in empty paper towel tubes, hanging bag holders or even fold them so they take up less room yet still convenient to grab and go. Find plenty of projects on this page.
  • A crock can be used to hold frequently needed utensils and set on the counter for easy access (wooden spoons, spatulas, soup ladles, etc.). Also helps keep the large utensils drawer better sorted since less is packed inside (dividers or shallow baskets come in handy here). Can also hang a wall basket to stash lightweight larger items.
  • Store a hand mixer, its beaters and attachments into a basket before tucking away into a cupboard. No more fussing with wrapping cords, digging around for attachments-everything is neatly tucked in the basket. This works for all kinds of small appliances and their attachments (electric knives, food choppers, electric juicers, etc.). (Source: Marilyn Bohn).
  • Spices can take up a lot of precious space–get them off the shelf and up on the wall. Mount a spice rack inside the pantry on a wall or hang a narrow basket shelf inside the door (not over the stove, heat degrades the quality of stored herbs and spices).
  • A well stocked and sorted pantry will save time, money and effort. See Beginner Guide to Pantry Pride for helpful information. Fabric totes, plastic bins, big glass jars can be used as containers. Also see Martha Stewart’s list of How To Stock Home Essentials.
  • Consider stashing measuring cups right in the bins along with the sugar, flour, etc. If you have big bins, consider sticking the sifter right in with the flour too. Great trick and no more digging for lost measuring cups!
  • Use shallow tubs and boxes to contain like items in the refrigerator (idea from Susiej). Just pull out the tub and grab what’s needed (condiments box for relish, etc.). No more digging through the fridge trying to find that elusive jar of mustard!
  • Keep pouches of dry soup mixes, seasonings, etc., in small bins (empty margarine tubs work great) or baskets…now they’re neat & tidy in one place.
  • Insert kitchen reference charts and favorite recipes in clear plastic sleeves then hang on the inside of cupboard doors for easy access. They can easily be wiped clean and frequently referenced info will be right at your fingertips.
  • Pack lids for plastic containers or Tupperware in a clear tub or large ziploc bags so it’s easy to see just where the required lid is…no more rampaging foot loose and fancy free!
  • Get the knife block off the counter by installing a magnetic bar along a back counter wall–will hold knives securely. A magnetic bar can be installed on the pantry wall to hold small tools (screwdriver, pliers, etc.) or make a hanging tool organizer found on this page.
  • Lazy susans are a great tool to store like things together and you’ll know just where to grab what’s needed.
  • Cup hooks: Affix to the inside of cupboard doors and on pantry walls. Hang things like measuring spoons, large bbq & kitchen utensils (with straps or holes for hanging), trivets, etc.
  • Ziploc bags neatly carry small like-items (like twisty ties, corn cob handles, etc.) then stash all the bags together in a basket or tub.
  • Utilize the space underneath cupboards by installing a paper towel or plastic wrap holder, knife holders, etc.
  • Charts or magnets will nicely track food items in the freezer…you’ll be able to keep on top of what should be eaten soon (less to throw out).
  • A bamboo steamer makes an ideal countertop food container, stash bulbs of garlic, onions, shallots, and other items that don’t require refrigeration and need ventilation. (Source: Martha Stewart).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wright's Gourmet Deli

Golden Gate - Roast Pork, Crispy Bacon, Dill Pickle, Lettuce, Swiss Cheese, Peach Chutney and Mustard Sauce, on Your Choice of Bread

Daily Specials

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Welcome to Wright's Gourmet

Wright's is a family owned and operated gourmet sandwich shop in the middle of Dunwoody. Our sandwiches are made fresh to order and our bread and cakes are baked daily. Check out our daily specials!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Staging Bathrooms

{This is part 4 in a series called Home Staging 101.  The lovely and talented Kym Tarr ofShoestring Home Staging is teaching us all how to stage a home for sale. Join me as I learn how to put my home's best foot forward!}

We have seven people in our house and one bathroom.  (Granted, 2 of those people are infants who don't have much use for a bathroom just yet.)  Which means that this bathroom is a work horse.  I need to make it look like the restful retreat I know it can be even though there are 5 people spitting toothpaste in there several times a day.  Here are the changes Kym Recommended for my bathroom:

Make it sparkle.   I scrubbed the tiles and grout, washed the baseboard, dusted the light, shined the fixtures, washed the mini-blinds (I've shared before about my simple way to clean mini blinds), and scrubbed everything.  Cleaning is the cheapest way to make any room look better!

Remove Personal Products.  I placed our bath products in a shower caddy that can be tucked in the linen tower between uses.  I wish I'd done this years ago!  There's nothing pretty about a bottle of body wash...tuck it out of sight!

Add fluffy white towels. Is there anything more luxurious and indulgent than fluffy white towels? I added some white bath towels on the edge of my bath tub and a white hand towel by the sink.

Add greenery or flowers. My bathroom almost always has a flower or two because they make me happy and my bathroom is where I go to hide from the children, er, um....I mean have a bubble bath and relax....

Kym also suggested that I remove the garbage can for showings.  Which, of course, is great advice. But I'm trying to keep my list of things to do before showings small because, let's face it, just getting things tidy and five kids out the door is going to be an ordeal! So instead, I made room under my vanity for the garbage can to live there full time.  This meant tucking products we don't use every single day in the linen closet and keeping only the necessities in the vanity cabinet.  It is worth it to have one less thing to think about on our way out the door!

We also replaced some loose tiles and removed some decorative shelves.  All in all, staging our bathroom was nearly free.

Here's the before and after pics of our newly staged bathroom:

Kym's top 3 tips for staging YOUR bathroom:

1.Make it cleaner than clean! Scrub down tiles, wash or change the blinds, curtains & shower curtains. Don’t forget shower door frames, window sills, light fixtures, baseboards and behind the toilet.

2. Ditch Carpets, seat covers and bath mats. They hold onto moisture and odors. Mats that fit around the pedestal of toilets and sinks look old fashioned.

3. Get rid of your ‘stuff’ When selling, clear every surface of all your day to day care products. Personal items distracts buyers. Limit counter top decor to a hand towel and pretty soap dispenser.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day Of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!! I know Georgia has been waiting for our weather to get back to normal!!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Accessorizing Ideas

The Last Layer of Design

Accessorizing ideas can come from many different avenues. Accessorizing a room is the last decorating layer for a room. It is the jewelry of the outfit so to speak. Done correctly, and you have the "wow factor".
One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is on Pinterest. I'm constantly watching how other people accessorize their rooms.

Three Common Mistakes

It has been my experience that most people make three common mistakes:
1. Using too many little items and creating a very cluttered look.
2. The accessories that are chosen are way under scale for the particular piece of furniture.
3. Having an over abundance of photos in all different kinds of photo frames.
There are many different things that are used for accessories. Photo frames, candle sticks, pottery, etc.  You want to make sure that all the items are the right scale, and that YOU love them, and that is the key!  It really isn't too hard, once you have chosen the right combination. 
In this photo is a great example of "decorating in 3's". It is simple, neat, and looks great!
This is an example of where a client had under-scaled her accessories. Hanging a large picture above the piano added height. Less accessories on top of the piano made it less cluttered. 
In this photo, the furniture was the wrong scale for the entryway. This entryway has a tall ceiling, so a furniture piece that was tall and narrow was the best choice. When hanging pictures, don't worry if some of your accessories like the lamp pictured, sits a little in front of the pictures. It blends well, and looks fine.

Here is another example of an entryway that just didn't have any character or charm.
This is just my opinion and preference; but I do not like a mirror hung across from the front door. When guests open the door, the first thing they see is themselves.
The small table wasn't doing anything for the space, so I replaced it with a larger piece of furniture.
A lamp in the entryway is always inviting.  Don't have the bulb watt higher than 40. The soft light is much more appealing and soothing. 

Dining Room Accessorizing Ideas

Again, the simple rule of "decorating in 3's", works well. Learn how to make your own silk flower arrangements
You can also find a floral container and fill it with unique greenery balls like these that I found at the craft store.

Kitchen Decor

I like to keep kitchen decor simple and elegant.  It is very easy to overdo it and have too many items displayed on your counter tops. 
A clean uncluttered kitchen is always so inviting. And a cookie jar full of double-stuffed Oreos is  a most welcoming site.
I am a firm believer in "decorating in 3's". It keeps things simple and neat. 

Coffee Table Decor

When trying to decide on accessorizing ideas for a coffee table, don't be afraid to use things that have a little height.
I love this coffee table accessorizing from Pottery Barn!

Bedroom Accessorizing

Whether you are accessorizing a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, keep things simple and elegant.  Less is more in these rooms.  You want to create comfort along with serenity and calm.
This little table is in my guest bedroom. A simple lamp, clock, and fresh flowers is the perfect combination for such a small table.
When you are going to accessorize minimally, choose things that have character and charm. This old fashioned clock is from Target. The silver adds a little "bling" to the table. 
Here is the dresser in my guest room. Again, I decorated in 3's and kept things minimal. 

Bathroom Accessorizing Ideas

If you have a garden tub, find a silver tray and fill it with different bathroom decor like I did above.  Nothing is prettier than clean white towels!
Do you have a small corner on your vanity? A touch of greenery is the perfect idea!

Accessorizing a Bookshelf

Bookshelves can be extremely challenging when it comes to accessorizing! It is about finding the right balance between accessories and books! Here is a whole page all aboutaccessorizing a bookshelf.

Pillow Love

Another quick accessorizing tip is pillows! I don't know how many clients I have visited who were in desperate need of new pillows! There are too many sad and flat pillows out there.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

Need more light behind your couch?  Add a small narrow sofa table. Learn to accessorize with mirrors. Mirrors make a room look larger, add light, and can change the feel of an entire room. 

If you are currently working to sell your home and you live in the metro Atlanta area call me today! I specialize in working with FSBO home owners and have a flexible commission policy to work with exactly what you are needing. Visit for more information.